George M. Janes & Associates (GMJ&A) is a specialty planning firm that focuses on the application of technology to planning and development decision-making.

More and more we live in a world where computer models provide answers to a problem, and when properly applied these models have the power to explain and inform. But computer models also have the power to obfuscate and confuse. GMJ&A helps local governments, property owners and developers understand the difference with a commitment to accuracy and transparency.

In practice this may mean that we develop visual simulations of proposals and plans to show how they would appear before they are built. But it can also mean developing geospatial models to help identify overlays in zoning, or to test different policies before they are implemented so that their impacts can be evaluated and fine-tuned for the best outcome. Most planning or development problems that can be better understood or explored by using technologies that explain impacts and benefits are in our area of expertise.

As a part of our commitment to more informed planning decision-making, GMJ&A documents our methods and experience and freely shares our experience with different tools and methods to facilitate discussion amongst professionals and to document best practices.

Since every community is different and has a different vision of its future, GMJ&A does not advocate or promote a particular planning method or paradigm; there is no answer that fits all communities equally well. Rather, we advocate for better informed decision-making so that the policies and plans we do adopt and implement reflect the vision that a community has for itself.